Entry #2

Anyone up for a Real Hackers Club?

2008-02-05 17:41:06 by TheUnknownAggregate

C/C++ programming, assembly language, API interception, reverse engineering, self-modifying code, JIT compilers, MMX and SSE instructions, hardware hacking (meaning, programming the registers), decompilers, emulators, Linux building and tricks, Windows modding, DOS programming (who offers that anymore LOL?). You name it. So long as your intentions are not malicious (doing it to learn about computers, NOT to do illegal acts), you're welcome in this club.

Are you interested? Contact me on AIM if you are.


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2008-02-16 16:44:42

Oh yeah!!! Count me in. I am experienced in FLASM hacking. ^__^

(Online hacking)

TheUnknownAggregate responds:



2008-02-16 22:15:16

Hey, if you want to help with the Flash series that is fine! PM me. =)


2008-02-25 18:43:53

dude awsome icon lol

TheUnknownAggregate responds:



2008-03-30 18:27:50

I would like to join as I know some c++.

TheUnknownAggregate responds:

Cool. You're in!


2008-04-02 16:54:50

i have some experience with javascript and im a master with cheat engine ^.^

TheUnknownAggregate responds:

Ah, well... I'm not looking for cheaters :)
What part of JS do you know? Simple alert('x') onclick stuff? or the more advanced stuff where you are dicking around with and rearranging the DOM?


2009-07-06 11:20:10

http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view /394294

TheUnknownAggregate responds:

Er, thanks... I guess.


2010-02-09 19:06:01

I know AS3. Lol, maybe a flash club would be cool. Does AS3 count, anyway? ( I know i have nothing to show on my profile, but im working on it...)


2010-08-10 15:10:58

Hey, I know you! You are the one who enjoys long walks at the beach and writing bigass reviews for ridiculous animations!

Damn... that one has made you quite popular on the kk boards...
Well, good luck with this project... Don't hack our site though!!!11
Oh, and there may be one or two talented guys from our group who actually could be suited for this... No idea if they would join tho...


2010-08-16 22:38:58

I'm extremely interested.


2010-12-06 18:43:52

You are such a REAL hacker.